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v i s i o n


The artistic vision for Eckstein Cultural Arts Center is to provide a venue where the
widest definition of arts & culture possible can be shared and explored.

ECAC will be open and welcoming,

c o r e   v a l u e s

We value participation in the arts to bring people together and to encourage

creative and personal expression and development.
 We value the contribution that young people make to the arts.
We value all-ages, cross-generational skill sharing and power sharing.
We value volunteerism as a powerful aspect of community building.
 We value collaboration with individuals and organizations that share our goals.
We value cultural independence and artistic experimentation.
We value responsiveness to current arts trends, youth culture, and community input.
We value being open and inviting to all those who wish to attend and participate

in a safe, drug and alcohol-free environment.
We value organizational transparency.

v o l u n t e e r s

Volunteerism is central to ECAC's identity, providing support for the organization's programming and operations, as well as providing meaningful opportunities for experimental learning, community engagement and leadership development. Youth and adult volunteers are essential to the structure and success of ECAC.










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