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arts education


Classes and workshops are one of the best ways to engage people in the arts. Furthermore, these activities will populate the building during all times of the day, attracting people of all ages. Older adults during the morning, children after school, and working adults in the evenings and weekends. We welcome families on the weekend to enjoy making art together. Our Education classes in a community setting are about coaching and helping the student achieve their individual goals. Classes for children and teens offer enrichment and a safe alternative for self-expression.


Some of our many diverse classes:

  • Visual Arts Classes - Painting, Drawing, Mixed Media and Design, Digital Illustration

  • Music - Music Appreciation, Recording of Music, Photography, Music Production (process of msking music)

  • Visual Arts Workshops - Drawing, Painting, Digital Design, Printmaking, Alternative Processes, Materials

  • Crafts, Traditional and Design Arts

  • Family Art Making Workshops

  • Pottery - Creative and Traditionsl

  • Creative Writing - Creative Writing 7 creative Writing with Visual Arts

  • Knitting, Crochet, Quilting

  • Dance - Traditional, Ballet, Modern, Hip-Hop

  • Theater Arts - Acting, Play Writing, Performance

  •  Arts Appreciation - Film, Art History, Film History, Film Making, Movies






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